Vote YES on Election Day, November 7th, for the Passage of the Public Library Construction Bond Referendum

This past July legislation calling for a $125 million bond referendum for public libraries passed both houses and was signed by Gov. Chris Christie on July 21.

The “New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act” authorizes the issuance of $125 million in state general obligation bonds to provide grants for the construction, expansion, and equipping of New Jersey’s public libraries.

Under the measure, the State Librarian, in conjunction with the President of Thomas Edison State College, will set the eligibility criteria for the grants.

Each approved grant award will support 50% of the cost of the project, and the appropriate local governing entity in the area served by the public library will support 50% of the cost of the project.

It is important to note that construction bonds are repaid out of state revenues and are NOT paid through local property taxes.

Voter approval of the Construction Bond Referendum on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th, would enable the Little Falls Public Library

– to make structural changes necessary to allow persons with disabilities to access the library more easily. Thus ensuring that our library is American with Disabilities Act compliant, and

– to expand its digital and technology infrastructure, including improved electrical systems and Wi-Fi access, and to acquire computers, and tablets.

The Little Falls Public Library is a resource for senior citizens, children, teens and the community at large through its offering of a wide variety of cultural and educational programs.

Passage of Public Question #1, the New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act, would be a “win-win” for our Township and for our Public Library.


Register to Vote Before the Deadline: October 17, 2017

Election Day is less than a month away, and Little Falls residents need to make their voice heard. Therefore, we need everyone to make sure they are registered to vote. The deadline to do so is Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

You can check your voter registration status HERE.

or complete your voter registration form HERE.

There is no way to register electronically, so be sure to plan ahead since you will need to print and mail in your completed form by the October 17th deadline. Postage is not necessary. You may also deliver your registration forms in person to your respective county clerk’s office which you can find HERE.


Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th, 2017



Here’s How to Vote by Mail


Click here to obtain a copy of the Application for Vote by Mail Ballot – in English or in Spanish.

​* Make sure you send your application in at least a week before Election Day so that you have your ballot in time to vote by November 7th.

The Little Falls Municipal Election and YOU!

The November 7th General Election will provide Little Falls’ residents with the opportunity to vote for candidates who are running for two Town Council seats.

In order to vote on November 7th you must be a registered voter.

Voter Registration Application Forms are available on line here; at the Passaic County Commissioner of Registrstion’s Office; or at the Little Falls’ Municipal Clerk’s office, 225 Main Street.

Your completed Voter Registration Application should be mailed or delivered to the Passaic County Commissioner of Registration, Suite 1, 501 River Street, Paterson, NJ 07524-9902 by Tuesday, October 17tth, which is the registration deadline to vote in the November 8, 2016 General Election.

To have a voice in determining who will lead our township for the next four years you must be a registered voter and you must vote on Tuesday, November 7th.

Your vote can make a difference for a better Little Falls!7

A Parking Plan for the Central Business District

At the town Council meeting on September 25th public comments were made questioning why the township purchased property at 60 Stanley Street and asking what the township’s parking plan is as it relates to the Central Business District.

In response Mayor Damiano confirmed that the property at 60 Stanley Street is part of a plan to provide parking for the Central Business District (aka the Downtown Area). The plan includes the possible purchase of additional property on Stanley Street, as well as the PNC parking lot.

Mayor Damiano also mentioned that there are plans to create additional parking spaces in the Civic Center and former Police Station parking lots by restriping existing parking spaces.

While details regarding the purchase of the 60 Stanley Street property and a request for the township’s plans for parking in the Central Business District had been raised during the Town Council May 22nd meeting, it is commendable that Mayor Damiano, did respond on September 25th providing details.

As Little Falls proceeds to plan for our future growth and development, we need elected officials who are transparent, accountable and responsive to township residents.

Little Falls is Experiencing a Building Boom

Little Falls is undergoing a building boom with several new residential developments either underway or in the planning stage.

These projects include:

1) An apartment complex at 44 Main Street located between Paterson Avenue and Maple Street on the north side of Main Street. The building has 34 units consisting of one and two bedroom apartments. One bedroom apartments are renting from $1,950 – $2,395; and two bedroom apartments are renting from $2,655 – $2,975.

2) Mountaintop Terrace, located along Woods Road, consists of twenty-four 3/4 bedroom townhouses. The townhouses range in price from $699,00 to $728,900. Residents of the complex will have access to NJ Transit trains via an on-site walkway to the Montclair State University at Little Falls’ commuter station.

3) Three newly constructed 4 bedroom single-family homes located at 36, 38 & 40 Walnut Street are on the market for $529,950 – $539,950.

4) Autumn Pointe at Little Falls – located on Lindsley Road adjacent to the Peckman River will consist of 24 two and four bedroom townhouses ranging in price from $349,950 – $599,950.

In addition, future projects are being planned at the following locations: the intersection of Notch Road and Lackawanna Avenue; the east side of Paterson Avenue, between Main and Maple Streets; along Montclair Avenue near the Union Avenue NJ Transit commuter station; and at the Paul O’Abbe site located at 139 Center Avenue, just south of the NJ Transit train tracks.

While real estate growth is welcome, the following questions arise: 1) will the increased population have an impact on the Little Falls Public Schools and the Passaic Valley High School student enrollment? 2) will there be an impact on the town’s infrastructure – its roads, parks and playgrounds, and on public services (sanitation pickup, and snow removal) etc.? and 3) will the additional municipal property taxes generated compensate the township for the lost property taxes due to home buy-outs in the Singac section?