When No News Is … No News!

Over the past year Little Falls’ residents have witnessed the slow demise of local news coverage. The Gadfly reported about this in a blog entitled “Last Call To Save Our Newspaper.”

The sad reality is that The Herald News is now a mirror image of The Record and the weekly Passaic Valley Today has drastically reduced coverage of municipal and civic news stories while focusing heavily on local sports stories.

The loss of local news coverage has made it difficult for Little Falls’ residents to stay informed and to make decisions about voting, and about participating in municipal and civic affairs.

However, there is a glimmer of hope that this trend can be reversed.
This past June the majority leaders of the New Jersey State Assembly and Senate, Louis Greenwald and Loretta Weinberg respectively, introduced Assembly Bill A4933 and Senate Bill S3303.

The legislation would allocate funding for the Civic Information Consortium
which would provide grants to support news-and-information projects and programs to benefit civic life and meet the information needs of underserved New Jersey communities.

The Civic Information Consortium, is a proposed collaboration between journalists, tech innovators and higher-education institutions designed to transform how local communities stay informed.

The Civic Information Consortium is under consideration in both houses of the state legislature, but it won’t get passed without massive community mobilization.

Little Falls’ stories deserve to be told — tell your lawmakers to pass the Civic Information Consortium Bill today.

Take action and sign the petition here.

Together we can make a difference for an informed and civically involved community.


One thought on “When No News Is … No News!”

  1. Want local news? Two former staff members are providing it at TAPinto Passaic Valley! Visit TAPinto.net/towns/Passaic-valley. There, you can sign up for our regular e-news blasts. Also like us on Facebook for breaking news as well. With a combined 30 years at North Jersey Media Group, we are committed to keeping local news alive. TAPinto is a franchise so we are working to become known so advertisers will trust us as a solid source. We can’t grow and continue to keep the site operational without help of the readers.


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