Council Agenda Items: Thumbs Up – Thumbs Down!

Two items from the Town Council’s March 12th workshop meeting are worth noting, each earning either a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down!

Thumbs Up: The workshop including a joint meeting of the Little Falls School Board and the Little Falls Town Council. During this portion of the meeting Mayor Damiano presented a plan to create new parking spaces.

In essence, the proposed plan would authorize the transfer of a portion of School # 1 property to the Township. In exchange the Township would convert the acquired property into a paved parking lot. During school hours the parking lot would be used exclusively for School # 1 personnel and during the evening and on weekends the parking lot would be available to the general public. Details of the plan need to finalized by both parties.

Also during his presentation the Mayor mentioned that the Township is in negotiation with the PNC Bank to acquire their parking lot to add parking spaces for the public in the Town’s Center and that the parking lot on the grounds of School #1 would have parking meters.

This is a giant step forward in an effort to increase parking within the Town’s “Center.”

Thumbs Down: On the Council’s agenda was an item referencing a “Tax Refund Resolution.” During the Council’s discussion regarding the proposed resolution concern was raised about the time municipal employees needed to process overpayment of property taxes for refunds.

It was suggested that in order to reduce the workload of municipal employees processing property tax overpayments, that the Township should retain the overpayment and credit the homeowners against future tax bills. Thus reducing homeowners property tax bill (liability) for future payment quarters.

While this may alleviate the workload of municipal employees it does not compensate homeowners for their out of pocket losses.

Since the Township has an ordinance which stipulates that homeowners will be charged interest for the late payment of their property taxes (ranging from 8% on the first $1,500.00 delinquent amount; 18% exceeding $1,500.00 until the account is current; and a 6% year-end penalty on any account that is delinquent in excess of $10,000.00) a similar ordinance/policy should be enacted that would compensate homeowners with an interest payment for their monies retained by the Township, in lieu of issuing a refund.

Watch for future “Thumbs Up – Thumbs Down” blogs as The Gadfly provides coverage of future Town Council agenda items.


2 thoughts on “Council Agenda Items: Thumbs Up – Thumbs Down!”

  1. What the author failed to mention regarding his “thumbs down” portion is that when the municipality provides a refund for an overpayment, the municipality must also refund the county and school portion of the taxes requiring ALL taxpayers to refund to an individual monies that have previously been paid out to the schools and county without any reimbursement from them, ultimately costing everyone in the municipality for an individual’s over payment of taxes.


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