Happy Trails to You

Spring is approaching and warmer weather is upon us.

So if you’ve had enough of cabin fever here are some hiking trails within Little Falls and throughout Passaic County.

Right here in Little Falls you have two options:

1) The Morris Canal Greenway offers several walkways and bikeways including the Little Falls Morris Canal Preserve which features a paved path that traverses the edge between the developed landscape of Little Falls and the Passaic River; and

2) The West Essex Trail is a bike/walk trail that follows the former rail bed of the old Erie-Lackawanna Railroad from Little Falls to Caldwell. The scenic trail crosses rail trestles over the Peckman River and Pompton Avenue and can then be followed to the Hilltop Reservation in Verona.

And within Passaic County other hiking options include:

1) The Apshawa Preserve has more than five miles of trails for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, nature study and fishing; and

2) Passaic County in collaboration Google Maps has created an app which features the county’s network of public hiking trails.

So “Happy Trails to You.”


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