All the News That’s Fit to Print, But Wasn’t

Readers of The Herald News, The Record, The Passaic Valley Today and TAPintoPassaicValley have witnessed the dearth of Little Falls news coverage. To fill this information gap this week’s blog will highlight recent news items that were never reported by any of these news sources.

I. Township Summer Hours: From Memorial Day through Labor Day – official summer work hours for the Municipal Building employees are as follows: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, and on Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon – while the tax collector’s office is open 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM on Fridays.

II. Highlights from the June 7th Planning Board meeting:

EI Associates presented the Little Falls Board of Education’s plan for a School #2 parking lot at the Southeast corner of Long Hill Road and De Young Drive. The new lot will have 40 parking spots and will provide parking for school visitors and night time events. The school board will not notify neighbors or hold a public hearing regarding the proposed parking lot. In addition, the proposed parking lot will not provide handicap parking spots due to topological challenges. Therefore, additional handicap parking spots will be added to the existing parking lot adjacent to the school. The next meeting of the Little Falls Board of Education is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26th in the School #1 All Purpose Room, 32 Stevens Avenue at 7:00 PM.

DeMattheis Real Estate, LLC discussed their application for construction of a 4-story, 39 unit condominium at 10 Muller Place. The proposed structure will have 60 parking spots on the street level of the building and the 3 floors above will have 2 one bedroom units, 35 two bedroom units and 2 three bedroom units. The Planning Board raised concerns about the adequacy of the proposed parking spaces, affordable housing (COAH) compliance, and compliance with the Township’s Master Plan. In addition, the Planning Board is waiting for comments from the Little Falls Fire Department and the Department of Public Works with respect to the proposed condominium. The application will be discussed during the Planning Board’s next meeting on Thursday, July 5th in the Municipal Building, 225 Main Street at 7:00 PM.

III. Highlights from the June 11th Town Council Workshop Meeting:

– Council President Sgobba stated that it would cost $1.6 million to refurbish the former police station/municipal building on Stevens Avenue.

– Representatives from the Great Notch Association raised concerns about speeding on Houston Street. In response the Township will conduct a traffic study and explore traffic mediation solutions i.e. speed humps, speed bumps, rumble strips, etc.

– In response to a public comment about the status of the proposed school #1 parking lot Mayor Damiano stated that the project was “on hold.”

– In response to a public comment about the proposal for a municipal parking lot on Stanley Street with respect to the purchase of additional homes and the PNC parking lot Mayor Damiano replied that there were no plans to move forward with the initiative in the immediate future.

The Gadfly is committed to providing Little Falls residents with all the news that’s fit in the belief that an informed resident is an empowered citizen.

Let your voice be heard by posting comments on the Gadfly and by attending Town Council and Planning Board meetings.

Together we can make a difference for a better Little Falls.


3 thoughts on “All the News That’s Fit to Print, But Wasn’t”

  1. Thanks to Mr Korotkin for this update on township news. I had no information on the new condos in construction. We do need a local newsletter including a police blotter similar to that of Verona/ Cedar Grove’ s Observer.


  2. Is there a reason why Little Falls news isn’t appearing in TAPinto? 99% of the area’s news is Woodland Park, there is an occasional Little Falls article (usually about a street fair), I don’t think I have seen a single article about Totowa. Maybe WP has a beat writer? The town really must start publishing a police blotter to the public too.


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